• Basic
    • Static html
    • Responsive layout
    • 5-6 pages
    • Contact form
  • CMS
    • Wordpress
    • Responsive layout
    • up to 20 pages
    • Multilanguage
  • Ecommerce
    • WooCommerce
    • Shopify
    • Responsive layout
    • up to 50 pages
    • Multilanguage
    • Multicurrency
    • Payment Systems

«COOL Web Studio» agency is a tightly-welded team of professionals. They are interested not only in the development of the websites, but in implantation of modern software products, achieving business goals and profit increasing. They also use the website as an effective marketing tool and are interested in the goals of their clients. 

The pricing policy of our agency

We always find a compromise decision on the cost of our services with clients. «COOL Web Studio» pricing policy aims to offer its customers the best possible and efficient funds distribution option in creation or website promotion. Thus, if you are limited in your budget, then there is nothing to worry about. Everything can be negotiable. Send us your project budget, and we will calculate everything. We can achieve an agreement with any client. From our services you can choose only those you need: website design, website SEO promotion, technical support, hosting, software, etc. It is not necessary to order all the features. Though, it would be much better. All it says that every client of our agency receives a necessary result at a bargain price.
Our web-studio belongs to the most reliable and well-known companies that deal with the website development. But this fact does not affect the price policy of our company. It still remains democratic. A flexible approach to each order and long-term experience enables us to offer a mutually beneficial and interesting forms of cooperation. This applies not just to the small companies but also to large corporations with a fairly large advertising budget.
Loyal price policy is complemented more with a whole range of additional services. «COOL Web Studio» will help you to choose the best design of your future website for free, will specify the terms and the stages of its development and will provide an official guarantee on all developed software. We will also tell about all the following possible outlays on support and maintenance in the Internet. Also we are able to make “Treedesign” but it should be discussed separately.

How does the website price form?

The final price is defined individually. It depends on various factors such as:

  • The volume of information that must be provide on the future website (the number of items and sections)
  • Type of website itself (e-shop website with personalized software, a static website, a control system driven website, etc.)

What determines the price of the website promotion?

    • Its parameters
    • Competitiveness of the chosen key phrases
    • The region in which website promotion will be carried out

For more information about our services you can contact our managers by calling us by phone specified at our website. Our specialists are ready to offer you the most optimal website promotion strategy and to attract new clients through the Internet business.