How to prepare task for the website developers before its creation

What you should do primarily, if you want to create own website? If you’re not computer genius – you will appeal to professionals who can help you to create the perfectly working site. At this moment, you should remember such a term as “terms of reference”. This is a document or part of the contract, which regulates what operations should be carried out. It will have to contain the objective criteria by which one can be determined whether a particular item of work was done or not.

Therefore, in the terms of reference should be almost no words about design features, because it can’t be evaluated objectively. For example, if the performer would see the words “I want to see green on my site”, he can do as disgusting work as masterpiece. Also it can’t comprise the phrase “Admin’s account should be comfortable.” Convenience is a subjective factor, and if there will be any dispute, it will be very difficult to determine who is right.

“All that is not specified, is done at the discretion of the Executive” – such phrase has to exist. After all, the very essence of the requirements is that the customer wants to receive a product, but it can’t indicate how the final result should be achieved.

Thus, the terms of reference should contain such points as:

  1. objectives of the project
  2. the main sections
  3. examples of competitors’ works
  4. a target audience of the site
  5. a necessary content
  6. an exterior design (i.e. the recommended range of colors)
  7. site map
  8. any graphic materials (logo, images etc.)
  9. correspondent texts for the pages
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